Project Planning

The Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit  provides funding and technical assistance for research and education on natural and cultural resources on the Colorado Plateau. It does so by approving "Task Agreements" that describe the act of funding a new project proposal. 

For a list of CPCESU Documents, including Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreements and Amendments, please see our Documents Page.

General Information

A Task Agreement is always between these three entities:

1. Federal Agency (one or more)
2. A Non-federal researcher and/or institutional "Partner"

Administrative Guidance: Allowable Costs Under CPCESU Agreements


Experts at CPCESU Partner Institutions

Each CESU provides many choices of experts in all fields of study and education. The link below will take you to a listing of each of our partners and their faculty or staff directories. You may look up individuals or consult department directories.

Please click here for a list of experts at partner institutions.

General Steps to be Completed for All Projects

The following three federal assistance forms must be completed by all non-federal partners for each project:
(All documents include instructions)

1. SF 424 - Application for Federal Assistance

2. SF 424a - Budget Information - Nonconstruction Programs

3. SF 424b - Assurances - Nonconstruction Programs

The partner institution must submit a completed Project Abstract or Summary Form to the CPCESU along with the proposal. An electronic version should be sent to to be included in the CPCESU web database.  


Additional Federal Agency Steps to be Completed

Federal Agency


Bureau of Land Management

This form must be completed for each project:


BLM Project Summary Form

Bureau of Reclamation
These forms may assist in the project planning process:

BOR Award Instrument Determination Form Example

BOR Single Source Determination Form Example

BOR Framing Document Example

Department of Defense

To apply for a competitive grant see the following:


National Park Service
Important General Information NPS Project Flow Chart

CESU Overhead Calculator

When submitting a proposed Task Agreement, complete the forms appropriate for your project in cooperation with the Federal Agency representative with whom you are working:

Intermountain Region (IMR) NPS projects:

Projects funded through the Washington, D.C. office (WASO):

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service Information about the process can be viewed here.

Project Proposal Template

Sample Budget Narrative

Vendor Code Form

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

Certification Regarding Lobbying

U.S. Geological Survey

Please contact Charles Drost for information:

Other Federal Agencies

Contact the agency representative for more information.  
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