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  • Request for Statements of Interest
    Agency: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
    Project Title: Assessing Temporal and Spatial Continuous Water Quality Trends in Upper Rio Grande, Rio Chama, and Middle Rio Grand
    Details: Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest will be used to identify potential investigators for a project to be a funded by the U. S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Albuquerque District, Albuquerque, NM. Approximately $97,000 is expected to be available to support this project for one (1) year. There will also be potential for additional work up to 4 option years @ $90,000/yr if funds are available. e
    Timeline: Review of Statements of Interest will begin after SOI posting 4/16/14 for ten working days.
    Direct responses or questions: Deberay R. Carmichael
    Additional Details

  • Letter of Research Interest
    Agency: National Park Service
    Project Title: Developing an Historic Ecclesiastical Landscape Study for Russian America from approximately 1840 to 1920
    Nature of Work Required: In preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Alaska Purchase, Sitka National Historical Park and the Alaska Regional Support Office would like to gain a better understanding of how the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska, whose bishop was seated in the Russian Bishop’s House, functioned in its relationship with the church hierarchy in Russia, as well as with the parishes and missions in the Alaska Territory.
    Project Time frame: Deadline for responding to this letter of interest is April 30, 2014.
    Funds available: Project funds available are $60,000 to $70,000 that includes the CESU overhead rate of 17.5 percent. The project will be funded by the National Park Service. Only universities within the CESU network are eligible to apply.
    Contact: Responses of interest should be directed before the closing date to Brinnen Carter Additional questions can be answered by contacting Brinnen Carter, Chief of Resources, Sitka National Historical Park, Sitka, Alaska 99835, (907-738-4960).
    Additional Details

  • Request for Statements of Interest and Qualifications
    Agency: National Park Service
    Project Title: Assess Condition and Conduct Architectural Documentation at Two VT Pueblos in Wupatki National Monument, AZ

    Objectives:  Flagstaff Area National Monuments seeks a principle investigator to conduct wall-by-wall condition assessments and architectural documentation at two masonry pueblo sites (WS1680 and 1685), located in the backcountry (wilderness eligible) of Wupatki National Monument. Specific analysis will include detailed photography, description of architectural characteristics, description of condition and agents of deterioration, possible rate of deterioration, and treatment/documentation recommendations for every standing wall identified. In addition, the sites will be mapped to scale, with field maps redrawn digitally. Field work will be followed by computerized data entry of condition assessment and architectural field forms and field photo logs, and completion of a professional-quality report describing and analyzing the field work.
    Project Start & End Dates: July, 2014 to December 31, 2015
    Deadline for expression of interest: May 5, 2014
    Contact: Lisa Baldwin
    Tel 928-526-1157 Ext. 233
    Additional Details

  • Funding Opportunity
    Agency: The Bureau of Reclamation
    Seeking applicants for applied science projects for the Desert and Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. Proposed projects are expected to deliver new capabilities that address priority resources identified and shared by Reclamation and partners involved in the Desert and Southern Rockies LCC.
    The Desert LCC funding opportunity is seeking applicants to study wildfire impacts on riparian areas and study environmental flow impacts on the Colorado River Delta. This funding opportunity may be found at by searching funding opportunity number R14AS00031 (
    The Southern Rockies LCC funding opportunity targets projecting future water availability and quality, projecting the resiliency and vulnerability of natural or cultural resources, and assessing and evaluating natural or cultural resources management practices and adaptation opportunities. The funding opportunity is available at by searching funding opportunity number R14AS00032
    Applications are due: May 13, 2014 4 p.m. MDT

  • Request for Statements of Interest
    Number: W9126G-14-2-SOI-0012
    : Department of the Army
    Project Title: Conservation Program Support to United States Air Force for Air Force
    Civil Engineer Center
    Period of Performance: Expected POP will be one year from date of award
    Place of Performance: Air Force Civil Engineer Center, Environmental Center of Excellence, Technical Division office located on the Kelly Annex of Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland in San Antonio, Texas. AFCEC will provide office space with telecommunications and access to the Air Force network as required
    Objective 1: Task Order objective will be to assist the AFCEC Natural Resources Subject Matter
    Expert with tracking and reporting data on Air Force Integrated Natural Resources Management
    Plans (INRMPs). The INRMP is the principle tool for managing natural resources on a military
    installation. The installation INRMP provides planning and decision support for making sound
    decisions to enhance, conserve, rehabilitate and restore natural resources. Natural resources
    encompass native ecosystems, hydrological processes in streams, floodplains and wetlands,
    wildland fire management, control of exotic and invasive species, hunting, fishing and outdoor
    recreation, conservation law enforcement, agricultural production, and harvesting of forest
    products. INRMPs also address impacts from military activities, project siting and landscape
    planning. INRMPs support the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis required
    prior to initiation of testing, training exercises, project siting and construction activities.
    Additional Details

Job Opportunities

  • Agency: National Park Service
    Job Title: Botanist-Vegetation Management Specialist - Student Pathways or Lateral
    Location: Restoration and Adaptation Branch - Biological Resources Management Division l
    Series & Grade: GS-430/0408
    Overview: The need for botany and plant ecology expertise allows the Branch to address botanical issues overlapping the vegetation inventory, invasive plant management, integrated pest management, and ecological restoration program areas. Further, the position better situates the Branch to: more fully engage with the Climate Change Response Program (CCRP), America’s Great Outdoors, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, and begin to focus on program areas (e.g., forest health) neglected in recent years due to lack of capacity and expertise.
    Contact:Peter Budde
    Additional Details

  • Agency: National Park Service
    Job Title: Education Specialist
    Series & Grade: GS-1701-09/11
    Position Information: Full Time - Permanent
    Duty Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
    Open Period: April 14, 2014 to April 25, 2014
    Who May Apply: United States Citizens

    Major Duties:  The Position is in the Florida District of the Gulf Islands National Seashore with the primary responsibility of providing the development and implementation of curriculum based educational programing and interpretive service including citizen science, service learning, distance education, teacher workshops, symposia, and presentation of interactive programs. The incumbent of this position provides full supervision (administrative and technical direction) at a minimum, for two GS-5/7 Education Technicians (permanent), and two GS-4 Park Guides (seasonal); however, supervisory duties do no constitute 25% percent of their time. A "supervisor" means an individual employed by an agency hiring authority in the interest of the agency to hire, direct, assign, promote, reward, transfer, furlough, layoff, recall, suspend, discipline, or remove employees, to adjust their grievances, or to effectively recommend such action, if the exercise of the authority is not merely routine or clerical in nature but requires the consistent exercise of independent judgment.
    Job Announcement W-GUIS-14-51 DE (1091078)

  • Department: Department of the Interior
    : National Park Service
    Job Title: Interdisciplinary Research Coordinator
    Series & Grade: GS-0101/0401/0408-13/14
    Position Information: Full time - Permanent
    Who May Apply: Current NPS Employees and CTAP eligibles Only
    Duty Location: College Station, TX
    Job Announcement

  • Agency: National Park Service
    Job Title: Archaeologist
    Series & Grade: GS-9
    Duty Location: Colorado National Monument

    Colorado National Monument is conducting outreach to find someone interested in a lateral transfer to an Archaeologist GS-9 term position, serving as project director/crew leader for an ongoing cultural resource inventory.  The cultural resource survey is beginning its second year and second field season of a three-year project and will need someone to take over the project lead later this summer.  Its a great project, wonderful resource, and a beautiful place to work.  If interested, please contact Kim Hartwig, Chief of Resources Management - (970) 858-3617
    A recruitment announcement will be issued through USAJOBS in the coming weeks for those who do not qualify for a lateral transfer.

  • Agency: Department of the Army
    Statement of Interest
  • Number: W9126G-14-2-SOI-0013
    : Recreation Management Technician
    Background: Avon Park Air Force Range has an immediate need for one full time Recreation Management Technician within the Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Program
    Period of Performance: POP will extend 1 year from date of award
    Brief Description of Anticipated Work: This research focuses on the following objectives:
    1) Facilitate public access to recreational areas within support of the military mission
    2) Process and record permit sales information in support of program management
    3) Collect and enter biological game harvest data in support of overall resource management
    4) Ensure public and military recreational users are in compliance with installation regulations

  • Agency:  National Park Service - Southern Colorado Plateau Inventory and Monitoring Network
    Title: Research Specialist and Research Technicians
    Location: Based out of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
    Field season: July through October, 2014
    Duties: Work as part of a a 6-person field crew sampling upland vegetation and soils.
    Experience:  Familiarity with the flora of the Southern Colorado Plateau, collecting vegetation and soils data accurately in the field, ability to identify plant to species using dichotomous keys and other aids familiarity with backcountry navigation and safety, exceptional attention to detail and organization skills, experience with Trimble and Garmin GPS units and Microsoft Office software. Ability to work well with others and spend long hours in the filed under rugged conditions.
    For additional detail to to apply contact Jim DeCoster (928) 523-7454
    or Megan Swan (928)523-7489

  • Federal job opportunities - For complete listing of all natural resource management and other federal employment opportunities please visit:


Internship/ Fellowship Opportunities

  • 2014 Summer Internships
    Eugene T. Polk Science Fellowships at Grand Canyon National Park

    Archeology Program (North/South Rims)

    This internship will support Grand Canyon National Park’s Archeology Program by helping complete archaeological surveys, compliance monitoring, and ruins preservation activities in the park. Projects will include a combination of the following; archaeological site inventory survey, archaeological site condition monitoring, assisting with park projects near archaeological sites, hands-on stabilization, architectural documentation, data entry, report writing and file organization. The 2014 Polk Intern will work as a crew member along with other archaeological technicians for the Cultural Resources Program. Field and office duties will be assigned for various projects throughout the summer. The duration of individual projects will vary.
    Additional Information

    Vegetation Program (North Rim)
    This internship will support Grand Canyon National Park’s Vegetation Program on the North Rim.  The vegetation program coordinates a wide range of activities including exotic plant management, native habitat restoration, site landscaping, seed collection, pruning, monitoring and surveying, and others. The intern will live and work in the North Rim Developed Area, and will be part of a 2 person vegetation team.  Most work will be focused in the village area, as well as at established viewpoints, such as Cape Royal and Point Imperial, and along trails.  The primary duty of the intern will be to install and maintain new plantings in the North Rim lodge area.  The intern will perform site maintenance, including watering, at other restoration sites that were planted in 2008-13 within the developed zone and at Roaring Springs.  They will survey for and remove high priority invasive species throughout the developed areas.  The intern will have the opportunity to hike and explore more of the North Rim while collecting seed and cuttings for future restoration projects.  The intern will work very independently, as part of a small team, and will serve as one of the primary representatives for the Vegetation Program on the North Rim.
    Additional Information  

    Wildlife Program (South Rim)
    This internship will be stationed at the South Rim Village and support Grand Canyon National Park’s Wildlife Program.  Depending on the project, work will either be focused within the developed South Rim Village area, non-developed areas along the rim, or within the more remote inner canyon.  The primary objectives of this internship will be to expose the Intern to a wide variety of management and research related tasks that park biologists deal with during the busy summer tourist season at Grand Canyon.  The ideal Intern would possess all or most of the knowledge and skills listed below, be in great physical fitness, and also be able to switch between assisting with a variety of tasks and projects throughout the summer.  There is also an expectation that they will interact well with their wildlife co-workers, other NPS staff, and act appropriately when interacting with the visiting public. The wildlife program consists of a wide range of activities including controlling adverse wildlife/human interactions, integrated pest management, and monitoring selected wildlife populations.  The intern has the potential to assist in the following studies: 1) responding to wildlife call-outs; usually managing elk interactions and other pest management 2) tracking condors via radio telemetry, and assisting with hazing and nest monitoring 3) conducting bighorn sheep observations and collecting biological samples 4) conducting amphibian habitat surveys 5) assisting with rodent trapping and zoophytic disease monitoring 6) assisting with Mexican spotted owl surveys, and 7) providing support for data entry and office related needs.
    Additional Information  

  • Student Fellowship
    Crater Lake National Park
    Science and Learning Center
    In 2014 the Crater Lake Science and Learning Center will offer four fellowships to support undergraduate and graduate student investigations. Each fellowship may be funded up to $4,000.
    Available to: Senior undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a college or university are eligible to apply. Research Fellows must be self-directed individuals whose work will contribute to issues of management concern at Crater Lake National Park. A Fellow must be able to complete the proposed project within one or two years from receipt of the fellowship award.
    Objective:  The objective of the fellowship is to support student research at Crater Lake National Park that can inform and advance the needs of management and decision making at the park in four general areas: aquatic resources, terrestrial resources, social science, and applied technology.
    Crater Lake SLC Fellowships_2014

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Forest Ecology
    Location: Forest and Fire Ecology, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
    Department of Botany and Program in Ecology

    Description: Highly-motivated researcher to join a large, multi-institutional and interdisciplinary team (Bioengineering Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR); investigating the sustainability of utilizing beetle-killed wood as a feedstock for biofuel, and the ecological consequences of related activities. Specific duties of the postdoctoral associate would include: assuming a leadership role in all field activities related to assessment of environmental impacts of feedstock removal, including study site selection; and, working within a modeling environment to evaluate system responses to alternatives other than tree removal, including changing fire regimes under novel climatic conditions. Collaboration is expected with other members of the interdisciplinary team and development of individual research activities and collaborations with others is encouraged. The successful candidate will provide leadership to the research team, including graduate and undergraduate students, field and lab technicians, and other faculty. 
    Required qualifications: Ph.D. in ecology, forestry, biological sciences, or related field, along with a familiarity with forest systems of the central and northern Rockies.
    Desired qualifications: Experience with fire behavior and vegetation models such as FVS, Far site, Firebug, or WFDS. Statistical modeling skills, including practice with Bayesian methods and hierarchical models, and familiarity with climate downscaling techniques are highly desired.  An interest in scaling stand-level processes such as carbon cycling and/or other relevant ecosystem processes to landscapes is encouraged.
    Position Duration: Two years, including summer support and full benefits. Travel funds are available for field efforts and presentation of findings at scientific conferences. Ideal start date April, 2014.
    Apply: Inquiries and applications should be sent electronically as a single PDF containing CV, contact information for three references, and cover letter with qualifications and research interests to Dr. Daniel B. Tinker mail to:tinker@Wyo Initial review of candidates will begin immediately and all application materials received by March 1 will be given full consideration.

  • GRCA Internship - Spring/Seep Monitoring
    Spring Internship

  • Northern Arizona University lists several internship opportunities on the Green NAU web-page. Check out more information at


  • The 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
    The Program Committee of the 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is pleased to announce the next conference in this series, which will focus on the challenges and opportunities posed by crossing environmental, disciplinary, and jurisdictional boundaries. The conference will be held October 6‒8, 2014 in Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.  The Greater Yellowstone biennial scientific conference series, initiated in 1991, encourages awareness and application of wide-ranging, high-caliber scientific work on the region's natural and cultural resources. These conferences, with the active involvement of professional societies and other institutions, provide a much-needed forum for knowledge-sharing among hundreds of researchers, park managers, and the general public. They attract world-class speakers and are interdisciplinary by design. 
    Please visit the conference website at:12thbiennialscienceconference  for additional information as it becomes available. You may also email: 

  • Western Forestry and Conservation Association
    The joint meeting will be held June 15-20, 2014 in Ft. Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. bringing together scientists working with Genetics and Conservation of White Pine Species (5 needle pines) and those working with Rusts of Forest Trees. Great changes/advances have happened since each of these groups last meet (e.g. genome sequencing, gene conservation efforts, rust resistance advances), so it is extremely timely to bring each of these groups together. In addition, the conference includes two field trips to see some unique forest ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains and an optional field trip immediately following the conference.
    To register: five-needle-pines-and-rusts-2014

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